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Unlock the Power of Personal Stories to Create a Life You Love

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Sharon Price John | Build-A-Bear President & CEO | Author

Sharon Price John is the President and CEO of Build-A-Bear Workshop, Inc., the author of Stories & Heart, and a public speaker. Her message of determination and staying true to who you are inspires readers and audiences across the country.

Actionable Insights for Changing Your Life

Revealed in events and experiences that shaped Sharon’s life—ranging from childhood to stories that defined her career—Stories & Heart contains as much life affirming wisdom as business insights, all gleaned from the experiences Sharon relates in candid detail. See how Sharon’s stories and personal growth framework can help you create a life you love.

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Create A Life You Love

Sharon Price John is encouraging people around the globe that they have what it takes to accomplish their dreams. Are you ready to act on your goals? Start climbing your goal tree today! Through her inspiring and dynamic speaking, Sharon is motivating audiences across the world to take steps to create a life they love. Sharon uses her experiences going from a small-town girl growing up to becoming the CEO of a NYSE-listed company to inspire others so that they can achieve the goals they set and reach new heights.

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Build-A-Bear Foundation

Build-A-Bear Foundation believes in the power of hugs and the simple comfort of having a furry friend by your side. The Foundation’s mission is to add a little more heart to life by sharing hugs, inspiring creativity, and supporting those in need.

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Any good storyteller knows there’s more than one way to tell stories—and more than one way to receive them. Part of the reason we struggle to clarify the narrative of our lives and understand the power of our own stories is because we’re busy people! That’s why we’ve made sure Stories & Heart can fit into any schedule.

The Stories & Heart audiobook is available now to help you unlock your stories while you’re writing new ones. Plug in your headphones and get listening today!

Stories & Heart Podcast

Stories & Heart Podcast

Unlocking the power of personal stories to create a life you love.

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