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The power to create a life you love is within you. This is a core belief of Build-A-Bear CEO Sharon Price John that makes Stories & Heart stand out among today’s business books. Revealed through events and experiences that shaped her life, Sharon assembles a blueprint for making meaning in modern times.

More than candid stories that educate and inspire, she guides readers through her framework for using their own personal stories to enact meaningful change in their lives. Each chapter begins with a themed story highlighting a life lesson—like learning to set productive goals, or challenging limiting perceptions—then proceeds to a “Questions from the Heart” section that creates a place for contemplation. The chapters conclude with a “Create Your Own Story” exercise designed to help readers identify the power of their personal stories, impact their own journeys, and create a life they love.

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Any good storyteller knows there’s more than one way to tell stories—and more than one way to receive them. Part of the reason we struggle to clarify the narrative of our lives and understand the power of our own stories is because we’re busy people! That’s why we’ve made sure Stories & Heart can fit into any schedule.

The Stories & Heart audiobook is available now to help you unlock your stories while you’re writing new ones. Plug in your headphones and get listening today!

In honor of Stories & Heart launching during the 25th anniversary year of Build-A-Bear Workshop, the company has pledged $25,000 to the Build-A-Bear Foundation, which focuses on childhood literacy and the wellbeing of children.  Funding this donation is expected to be partially generated by purchases of this book.

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Don’t wait any longer to start creating a life you love. Unlock the stories in your life that hold the power to put you on the path of personal growth with the help of Build-A-Bear President & CEO Sharon Price John. Download your free chapter of Stories & Heart.

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